Karachi needed a clean & hygienic eatery that focused primarily on rotisserie & flame grilled chicken, which wasn’t dry or overly spiced. Keeping that and our love for rowing in mind – we came up with Rowtisserie.

We are a friendly, family-oriented restaurant. Our food is simple – yet flavourful & wholesome – because it’s made with the freshest & finest ingredients. To make it more accessible to people from all parts of the city, our business model relies heavily on delivery and take away. When our customers walk in, it’s ‘All Hands On Deck’ for the rowers. Our riders make timely deliveries because we ensure that the food reaches you hot – the way it would at dine-in.



Rowtisserie-About01Roasting is a method of cooking that uses dry heat – whether an open flame or an oven. Roasting enhances the taste and aroma (associated with this form of cooking), through caramelization from the outside, while keeping the centre well cooked.

Since roasting uses indirect diffused heat, it is suitable for slower cooking. The meat can take one, two, even three hours to cook ­­–the end result is perfection – glazed on the outside and succulent within. If you want a healthy, nutritious meal that is low in fat and also low in calories – roasted meat is highly recommended.


Rowtisserie-About02Our objective is to give people a cosy comfortable environment, where they not only come to indulge in our fresh meals, but also to have a great cup of coffee, some dessert and work on their laptops.

In lieu of this objective, we’ve kept the décor minimal with very comfortable seating, an energetic open kitchen, some ocean & boating memorabilia and the aroma of the most robust & bold coffee that Karachi has to offer!

We use only the freshest and finest ingredients in our products, which are prepared in a sanitized and temperature controlled environment by employees who are highly trained in safe food production & handling.


Rowtisserie-About03At Rowtisserie, we only use cleaning,sanitising,decreasing & washing solutions provided and suggested by Evan’s, a leading supplier for hospitality based cleaning solutions worldwide.

We also follow their kitchen hygiene plan & our employees are trained extensively in collaboration with U.K. based safe food handling / cold chain management / storage and workplace safety training providers.